0---10V Commercial Dimmer
on/off switch
120V 60Hz 600W
Single Pole/3 Way
Dimmer for Incandecent/CFL/LED

UL and CUL

slide dimmer
single pole

1 piece/white box
10 pieces/inner box
100 pieces/carton
Product detail

Key Specifications/Special Features:

Analogue dimmer: is DC voltage is sent to the driver, which dims the LEDs in response to the voltage
Digital dimmer, driver receives digital signal which tells it how to respond
Advantage of digital dimming is that fixtures are addressable
You can also have many more different levels of light output when using digital dimming
0–10V dimmer: is quickly becoming one of the more popular dimming technologies in commercial spaces
GP offers variety of control options to give you both high-quality dimming capabilities and additional opportunities to save energy
These control options allow you to take advantage of multiple energy-saving strategies